School Aims

We aim to have at the heart of all we do, the following successful outcomes for our pupils:-

We nurture - to give all the ultimate worth, as shown in gospels

We build confidence - through teaching, healing, feeling, sharing, befriending and forgiving.

We advise and teach how to support - like Jesus showed us through his teachings

We love and teach how to love - As we are loved by God

We show and teach forgiveness - as Jesus did with so many, Zacchaeus, Lazarus, Paul, Thomas, Judas, Barabbas

We offer opportunities to work alongside our community - knowing the way, showing the way and going the way

We teach tolerance - showing our faith that God's plan builds our resilience

We teach to accept difference, not indifference. - As Jesus did with the leper and as Jesus accepts us - everyone of us into his heart

We celebrate uniqueness and individuality - every child is a child God made to contribute to our world.

We find, highlight and share positivity

We balance our emotions - like Jesus calmed the waters, like Moses was able

We meet individual needs, whatever they may be

We create and enable friendships - like Ruth and Naomi showed us

We structure play and communictaion - through listening, through prayer and through the Holy Spirit

We welcome support from outside agencies in order that we can channel the right support - As Jesus needed his disciples to support and guide, so we look to others with more knowledge, to help serve us.

We look after each other

We show our pupils how to find the successes in others - as Jesus saw success

We celebrate achievements together - as a family, brothers and sisters

We care beyond the classroom - unconditionally

We teach a broad curriculum underpinned by Christian Values and British Values - the values that are taught throughout the bible, where psalms and parables show us the way


We allow all in the community the foundations to build relationships which can cross barriers of difference.