SEN Home Learning

This page is designed to help those parents whose children may need a little extra support. I've tried to include examples and interventions in all the area of need and links for websites that can give you some ideas for continuing interventions at home.As with all our distance learning this page is designed to help, not to add pressure,if your child is not yet ready for this additional work that is fine. If there is anything further you need or you have any ideas to share please let me know.

Mrs Gibson


We understand that we are not there face to face at the moment but we can arrange a chat and a check in if you or you child needs to speak to us on the above email.

Here are some strategies that you can use at home to support your child if they feel stressed or anxious or are just not coping at any point during lockdown.

  1.  Keep your child in a routine,structure and routine are good and mentally it gets us ready for the day.
  2. If your child is feeling stressed with school work online then give them a break,it is okay not to complete the work all in one go.
  3. Break up the work into smaller chunks,use a now and next board to show them what they have to do (we can supply one if there isn't one in your pack)
  4. If they need it,use a timer to give them a clear start and fiinish time for each activity.You can use on line timers such as :
  5. Make sure they get some downtime and time to relax
  6. Provide them with sensory breaks and /or sensory equipment- there are ideas in the links below.
  7. Do not struggle alone,please ask for help. There is lots of information below and in our SEND check in emails. We are here to help

SEN Guidance Updates

The Oak National Academy will have provision online to support parents with speech and language,occupational therapy and physical therapy from Monday 4th May.



As part of its home learning support BBC bitesize have added a Parent's SEND Toolkit which has some useful resources on:

Widgit visual resorces including handwashing and upset by the Corona-virus: and Language Speech and Language

https://www.cosmickidsyoga - sensory breaks and mindfulness - CWAC local offer  - sensory processing



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