Holly Llewellyn

Left KSJ


Next Steps

Graduated from University of Sheffield with a 2:1 in Business Management before returning to Cheshire and beginning work for M&S Bank on the Chester Business Park. Worked within the HSBC group including a Retail Learning role where I travelled the country opening M&S Bank branches including the flagship at Marble Arch and Cheshire Oaks. I met my husband whilst working there and we now live in Norley with our 3 year old daughter. 

Where Are You Now, and what are you doing?

I am now working for First Central an Insurance and Technology company where I am head of Learning and Development across their sites. The offices are in Haywards Heath on the south coast and Manchester, and I also look after the Outsourcers who are based in Glasgow and South Africa. I lead a team of 7 creative colleagues whose roles range from creating digital learning content and Senior trainers who have travelled to SA to support staff. 

Achievements You Are Proud Of?

I am really proud to be able to live in a lovely village like Norley and give our daughter the best childhood here. I am a proud full time working parent, who also manages to ride horses competitively, training and qualifying to for the Regional Championships at Dressage. 

A Memory From Your Time At KSJ

I was only at KSJ for 1 year as I had moved in from down South, but I met my best friend there, we have been best friends ever since for the last 30 years, now our daughters are growing up together. I remember we were absolutely amazing at netball that year and won every competition, we were a mixed team as we were so small. I also still remember some of the words to the school hymn! 

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