School Vision

'Believe in the light, whilst you have the light, so that you may become children of light.' John 12:36

Love; Learn; Aspire; Achieve

At the heart of everything is a personalised

approach to each unique individual as part of our

Christian community.


The strong family ethos ensures that all children

feel valued and grow in self-confidence.


Enthusiastic staff, with high expectations

demonstrate care beyond the classroom.


Through God's guidance we encourage his light in

each and every child to discover their gifts and


Believe in the light, while you have the light, so that you may become children of light. John 12:36


Without exception, we welcome every child into our school and all in school will ensure that each child will flourish.

We all believe that you get one chance in this life and we only work to ensuring that every KSJer can love, can learn, can aspire and can achieve.

We believe in their own light and work tirelessly to help them realise their own light to shine in this world.  So we say - (we and you must) believe in the light, whilst you have the light.  The next step is to share that light and belief in others - become children of light.  Only encourage, only give unconditional positive regard, only ever share kind eyes.  Do this, and you will become children of light and walk in the way Jesus taught us.

Go and make a difference to this world, whoever you are, whatever your background, your belief, your culture, your genre, your age.  
We are all
children of God with a light to shine.  We are all children of light.


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Our School Aims