Early reading and writing at Kingsley St John's is underpinned by the practice and use of daily phonics.

Phonics at Kingsley St John's is planned and taught using Twinkl Phonics.  Twinkl phonics is a fully comprehensive, synthetic phonics teaching programme designed to be used with children from nursery to Year 2.  It builds continuously on prior learning.  It is used inconjunction with our reading curriculum.


Phonics is taught daily.  

The structure of every phonics lesson follows this five-part pattern to ensure that the four cornerstones of phonics are covered:
Revisit &
Children review GPCs and tricky/common exception words that they have already been taught.
Blend and segment words using the new GPC.
New GPC and tricky/common exception words.
Read or write a caption or sentence using taught
GPCs and tricky/common exception words.
Assess children’s learning against criteria.



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