A look at what parents say about Kingsley St John's

A collection of quotes that we have received from parents form the past, present and future...


KSJ is an amazing school we are so glad we moved our children wish we had moved them earlier. 

The reason we picked KSJ was that they were a small school who when we were shown around radiated family vibes, So warm and friendly. 

KSJ take their time to get to know each child and what best suits them and their learning. Nothing is too much trouble. 

With our son being dyslexic he needs a lot more help and kSJ have been so helpful between the SENCO and his teacher, headteacher we have been able to get a EHC plan in place and I can’t thank all the staff enough. 

My children absolutely love going to school and we know that we have picked the best school in the area. 



Just a little note to let you know about E’s first parents evening last night with her new teachers.

Kath and I were completely blown away with the comments from ALL of her teachers.

They consistently praised her for her organisation , positive attitude and hard work in all subjects , and told us that she will achieve great things if she continues in this way (we have both always told her this too!!).

They also made a special point of saying how caring and compassionate she is towards the other girls and this is something they just don’t see on a regular basis from year 7 girls (I think this says a lot about what you have taught her at KSJ and the strong ethos you have towards always looking after each other and being 100% inclusive to everybody no matter what!).

Just thought this little message would make you smile and let you know that we really appreciate the great start you have helped give to E’s life adventure.


Dear Mrs Jones

Thank you for such a beautiful note to mark the end of a very unique half term.

It’s been an amazing feat to co-ordinate a new way of learning in such a quick space of time and I think the children have flourished.  We feel very thankful and lucky to be part of the KSJ family.  We also feel very privileged to have been allowed to get a glimpse inside the school and to witness the wonderful way that T is taught.  He has grown in many ways since Reception and we are very thankful for all you and the school family have done.



We just want you to all know we massively appreciate all you have done this week to keep the KSJ family learning and loving in the spirit of togetherness.

It has been a tough week and you all must be exhausted.

A special mention to our superhero TAS. You guys are amazing. Thank you for enabling me to continue to teach. We promise that we will do all we can as a family to safeguard  your health. What you are doing is amazing.


School; the people and all it means has been a continuous & constant positive in our lives, in the building, and VLE activity. Thank you again. A new phase in the school journey starting next week, thank you for very clear and honest letter about thoughts and plans.


We just wanted to say a huge thank you for this half term. We are blown away by the consistent commitment to put the children and their learning and wellbeing first. 

You’ve all done so well to strike that balance between encouragement and new learning and nurture too. 

M said earlier ‘we’re so lucky we still go school aren’t we?’ And they really are! J disagrees and asked when he can retire but you can’t win them all! 

We are beyond thankful to the staff in school for facilitating our three children in school each morning and supporting high quality learning. They are all selfless superstars! 

Mrs G-a special thank you for working with M. How you have found the time amazes me but we are so grateful.

Keep being amazing KSJ, Mrs Jones and your whole team - sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference xx


I’m sat watching M play football and having a moment...she wouldn’t have done this a couple of years ago.

She’s wearing the biggest smile, instructing her team, putting in the tackles and just getting stuck in! (Along with our gorgeous little Anna!) I’m biased but she’s a fab little player...D has trained her well! 

A KSJ success story...love, learn, aspire and achieve! 


Mrs Jones

I just wanted to say thank you for always listening to concerns and addressing them and being so approachable. This week must have been tough but you always have a smile and encouragement and support for all. Have a restful weekend with your family.


I am flabbergasted that the girls both have Happy Self Journals!  

We bought them one each at Christmas and they loved using them. They are wonderful.

It speaks volumes that, as a school, you are prepared to make such a significant investment in the wellbeing of all the children. So beautiful!

Thank you 💙


T's our little super star and makes us very proud. He has come on so much and it’s wonderful to see. ... but we are more grateful than ever for what you do. The nurturing environment St John’s provides is perfect for our boy and we couldn’t ask for more. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and be very proud of your wonderful school.


Hello! Thank you so much for the reply, it meant a lot to S. 

I was really impressed by his confidence here too, (and I love the way he quickly gets into a rhythm using the cursor to track!) 

A has them both guess the house points and it was higher, higher, higher as S was becoming more and more agape! I hope you reward yourself in equal measure for the assembly! 

Amazing school family. Lots of love to you x


Thank you for all that you do, it is always above and beyond even through the most testing of years you've kept KSJ sailing with happy children all onboard safely.


And remember ...you give our children so much more than what Ofsted measures and for that as parents will be forever grateful.

The work you do at KSJ is priceless and  can not be found in many schools: KSJ is unique.

Big hugs to you all- shine your brightest 🌟