Class 4 (Falcons) 2021 - 2022

Mr Davies

Welcome to Falcons!


I'm Mr Davies and I'm your class teacher. We also have Mrs Armstrong with us all week to help learn and progress.

Each Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning, we have Mrs Cowell and Mrs Heald teaching us My Happy Mind and RE, and Art and PSHE respectfully. 


If you need to contact me at any time, please do. If you wish to speak to me in person then do not hesitate to make an appointment with me for before or after school. My email address is


Ready, Respectful, Resilient


Welcome to Autumn term.

In class 4 there will always be someone to help when you are stuck, feeling sad or just need a little pick me up. We try our best to persevere and be the best we can be! We know that this year will be important to each and every one of you, as you start your final year at KSJ or begin your journey in Falcons, we will achieve greatness together. 


Our Christian values for this term are friendship, thankfulness and koinonia.

Our class novel is 'The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas', by David Almond.

The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas: Almond, David, Jeffers,  Oliver: 9781406320763: Books


Our English work is going to be based on 'Queen of the Falls', by Chris Van Allsburg. As we work through the text we will look at different styles of writing which can be created using what we have read. We will use the text to help us improve our vocabulary, learning new words we can use in our writing. The text will also help us with our punctuation and grammar knowledge and specific sessions will be dedicated to cementing our understanding so that we can use these skills in our writing.

Queen of the Falls: Van Allsburg, Chris: 9781849392723: Books

We will learn spelling rules and patterns, as well as the statuatory spellings for our year groups.


Our topic for this term is Benin (West Africa) between 900- 1300. We will learn about their culture, beliefs and how their empire rose and fell. Although this time period doesn't cover the slave trade and significant events which shaped history, we will discuss these towards the end of the topic due to their relevance. Whilst studying Benin, we will constantly reflect and compare to Britain during the same period of time and the knoweldge we have gained during previous year groups.


Our science work will aim to develop our knowledge and understanding, scientific skills and measuring and recording abilities. For the first half term we are going to be studying living things and their habitats.


During this term class 4 will be having a focus on clutural capital and combining the church with our art work. Later in the term we will be linking our class topic to the art work we produce. During both half terms we will develop our drawing skills and printing skills using different techniques. A key skill we will look to develop is documenting the process of our work, with a view to presenting it at the end of the term. We will also be focusing on Afghan artist, Shamsia Hassani, during this term.


The first term of the school year will have a strong number focus. We will develop secure number and place value facts so that we are confident in applying these skills to addition and subtraction problems later in the term.


The first half term we are hoping to see inter-school competitions return. With that in mind, our first sport we will look to develop our skills in is tag rugby.


This term we have been selected to be part of a national research project looking into gender inbalances in computing. We have been given a project to look at titled, My Skill, My Life.


Mrs Cowell will be teaching us about Good News, Incarnation and Islam during this term.


During the autumn term we will explore different instruments and learn different songs. Our music genres are African and gospel music.


Our first theme is healthy me, looking at how we can keep healthy as we become young adults. This will involve discussing the ways alcohol and smoking has a negative affect on the body. The second half term will focus on being part of a global community and finances. 


Homework books will be given out on Friday and then collected on a Wednesday. Please can you ensure your child is doing their homework and it is ready to be handed in. There will be a literacy and a maths task, sometimes one of these will change for a task linked to a different area of a curriculum.

General Information

Please and thank you…

  • Long hair must be tied back
  • Your child needs a water bottle every day filled with water only
  • If your child is using a school bag, then can it be a reasonable size so it can easily fit on the pegs
  • PE kits be in all the time
  • Name every item of clothing your child brings to school








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