Class 3 (Barnowls) 2019 - 2020

Mrs Cowell

I have worked at Kingsley St Johns for about 5 years. I work part-time and usually teach maths, science, RE and art/DT.

I enjoy cycling, jigsaws and reading and can often be found building or repairing lego with my daughters.

Mrs Raynor

class teacher

Welcome to Class 3

Welcome to Barn Owls.  We are a class of year 3 and year 4 children beginning the journey through Key Stage 2.  Our class is taught by Mrs Cowell and Mrs Raynor and supported by Mrs Pickering, Miss Coote, Mrs Hudson, Mrs Heald and Mr Craig at various times in the week.   


Our staff

As a part-time member of staff you can expect to see Mrs Cowell all day Monday and Tuesday & Wednesday from 10:45am.  Mrs Raynor is in school all day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Our support staff are with us as follows:


Mrs Pickering: Monday & Tuesday

Mrs Heald: Wednesday

Mr Craig: Tuesday

Miss Coote: Wednesday

Mrs Hudson: Monday and Tuesday pm, Thursday and Friday


Our year ahead

We look forward to building on skills such as independence, self-motivation, co-operation and team work whilst strengthening friendships, learning more and improving presentation with some laughs, jokes and fun along the way.  


General information

  • Please can long hair be tied up.
  • Please have a bottle of water at school every day.  We will not be giving out cups this year.
  • Please bring your school bag, reading book and reading record every day.
  • Please use the reading record for messages if you wish.  It is helpful if your child knows to share the note with the classroom teacher.
  • All school uniform needs to be named but particularly jumpers and cardigans.  A biro pen works well but might need to be refreshed after several washes.
  • The register will be taken at 9:00am.  Children who arrive after this are recorded as late.
  • PE is timetabled for Monday and Wednesday.  Swimming will take place in the Spring term.


The Curriculum

Here is some information about our Autumn Term curriculum: 



During this term, our focused author is Julia Donaldson. The children will be concentrating on their presentation and spelling as we focus on poetry and the use of figurative language, setting descriptions and character writing using the technique of ‘show not tell’. Several different novels will be explored during the term.



We will be focusing on the Babcock spelling scheme as part of our Literacy lessons. The children will be aiming to use the different techniques to help with spellings within their work and this is how the children will be assessed.



We will be using the White Rose Hub to support our planning.  The children will learn through concrete experiences moving onto pictorial and abstract methods as their confidence builds.  They will also be expected to use their learning to reason about maths and solve problems.


In the autumn term we will begin with place value.  Year 3 will work with numbers up to 999 and Year 4 will extend their number knowledge to 9999.  These numbers will be used in our work on addition and subtraction and then we will explore multiplication and division.  Times tables knowledge is an essential skill in maths and the children should learn these to support their maths work.  Begin by practising the counting patterns then progress to learning the tables and division facts.  Year 3 children should ensure they are confident with x2, x5 and x10 before learning x3, x4 and x8 tables and Year 4 children should aim to learn x6, x7 and x9 tables by the end of Year 4



Our science work will aim to develop our knowledge and understanding, scientific skills and measuring and recording abilities.  We will begin by exploring forces and magnets and move on to look at the digestive system, animal teeth & diets and food chains later in the term.



For the first term, we will be focusing on Ancient Greece and its influences. During the first half term, we will be looking at different aspects of Ancient Greece such democracy, the Olympics, the Battle of Marathon, Gods and Goddesses and finally the Trojan War. We will be looking at how it was then compared to now, and how it has influenced us today.



Our RE work this year will continue to use the Chester Diocese planning.  These plans are built around 11 key Christian concepts and will be revisited and explored in different ways each year.  This term we will look at God and aspects of Hinduism.


Our collective worship and classroom reflective area will also encourage the children to reflect on the Christian values and their learning in RE.



Our games sessions will focus on develop passing and catching skills using both hands and bats.  Small games and activities will be used to further develop these skills and an understanding of how they are used in various sports.  We will also look at developing fitness and explore elements of dance.


Art and Design

In our art work we will develop our drawing skills and make careful observations of shapes and patterns.  We will then use these to create tiles from which we can print.   


Design and Technology

We will be learning how to use pneumatics to move materials, leading to the children designing and making their own moving Greek monster.



We will explore a range of topics including keeping ourselves healthy and safe, roles and responsibilities and acceptance.  As a class we will explore these ideas and discuss some ideas through circle time & P4c sessions.


Forest School

Throughout the year, the class will have opportunities to learn a range of practical and interpersonal skills outside in our woodland area.  Dates when the class will be outside will be sent out to ensure clothing is appropriate. Children are allowed to wear their outside clothes but will need to remember to bring a spare pair of shoes to change into/from to help protect the carpets.



Each child will be part of a group working on phonics and/or SPAG (spelling, grammar and punctuation) through regular sessions.  Phonics follows the ‘Letters and Sounds’ program and each group will learn the graphemes and phonemes for their stage. SPAG will cover the expectations of the National Curriculum relevant to the group.



Homework will be in a different format this year.  A half-termly sheet will be sent home outlining a range of tasks to be completed in any order during the following weeks.  Evidence of completing one task should be brought in each week.  In addition to this, children should continue to read regularly, practise spellings as given and learn the times tables appropriate to your child.


Spelling – Linked to Y3/4 spelling focus


Reading –10 -15 minutes each night


Possible trips & visitors


Themed day in school linked to topic



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