Class 3 (Barnowls) 2019 - 2020

Mrs Cowell

I have worked at Kingsley St Johns for about 5 years. I work part-time and usually teach maths, science, RE and art/DT.

I enjoy cycling, jigsaws and reading and can often be found building or repairing lego with my daughters.

Mrs Raynor

class teacher

Welcome to Class 3; Barn owls

We are the Year 3 and Year 4 children who are taught by both Mrs Cowell and Mrs Raynor.  Mrs Raynor is joining us this year and we will also be welcoming Mrs Duncan to the Class 3 team in September.  Our support team will be Mrs Pickering, Mrs Heald, Mrs Millar, Miss Coote and Mrs Duncan who will work a variety of different hours to support the children in Class 3.


Mrs Cowell is just about able to remember that we are Class 3 now and not Class 2 and we are proud to be Barn owls!


Our staff

As a part-time member of staff you can expect to see Mrs Cowell all day Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.  Mrs Raynor will work on Wednesday morning and all day Thursday and Friday.


Our support staff are with us as follows:


Mrs Pickering: Monday & Tuesday

Mrs Heald: Wednesday, Thursday; and Friday morning

Mrs Miller: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; and Thursday morning (not Wednesday pm)

Miss Coote: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Mrs Duncan: all week (not Tuesday pm)


General information

  • Please tied up long hair.
  • Please have a bottle of water at school every day.  This can be refilled as necessary.
  • Please bring your school bag, reading book and reading record every day.
  • Please return your homework book on or before Tuesday for marking.
  • Please use the reading record for messages if you wish.  It is helpful if your child knows to share the note with the classroom teacher.
  • All school uniform needs to be named but particularly jumpers and cardigans.  A biro pen works well but might need to be refreshed after several washes.
  • The register will be closed at 9:00am.  Children who arrive after this are recorded as late.
  • PE is timetabled for Monday and Wednesday.  Please ensure a full PE kit is in school each week and is fully named.  This should include shorts for our indoor dance session.  Please add a jumper, trousers and gloves in the winter/spring as we will still go outside.


Welcome to the Spring Term

A huge well-done to Barn Owls for a great Autumn Term!  There were many changes to get used to; a new group of children coming together including some joining us from other schools, new staff teaching and supporting in our room and of course our special visitors in November.


There has been lots of great learning including progress with handwriting and creative writing, developing our understanding of place value, addition and subtraction, lots of group science work and experiments to explore healthy food and fitness, our Cathedral Christmas tree and our history day to name just a few.


We look forward to the achievements of the Spring Term as the children continue to grow, learn and play together in Barn Owls Class.


We continue to focus on being Ready and showing Respect and Resilience in all aspects of school including our attitudes towards learning and each other. 


As a church school we use the Christian faith as a guide for our values, behaviour and attitudes.  To reflect our aims, beliefs and values, we have chosen the following Bible verse.


Matthew 12:36-37

Believe in the light; while you have the light so that you become Children of God’


The Curriculum

Here is some information about our Spring Term curriculum: 



During this term, our focused author is Malorie Blackman. The children will be concentrating on their presentation and spelling of frequently used words.  We will be focusing on creating settings and suspense through our narrative texts, whilst the children will also be examining the structure of non-chronological reports and instructions.



We will be focusing on the Babcock spelling scheme as part of our Literacy lessons. The children will be aiming to use the different techniques to help with spellings within their work and this is how the children will be assessed. They will also be concentrating on spelling common exception words used regularly. 



We will be using the White Rose Maths to support our planning.  The children will learn through concrete experiences moving onto pictorial and abstract methods as their confidence builds.  They will also be expected to use their learning to reason about maths and solve problems.


The Spring Term will begin with a last look at subtraction before we move onto explore multiplication and division.  Times tables knowledge is an essential maths skill.  Please encourage your child to practise the counting patterns and learn the times tables and division facts at home as these will be essential within this work and when we are learning about fractions.


We will look at money, measurement including length, perimeter and area and learn about many aspects of fractions before the end of the term.  Year 4 children will also explore decimals.



Our science work will aim to develop our knowledge and understanding, scientific skills and measuring and recording abilities.  Our first topic this year is Rocks and Soils in which we will learn about rock types, how they are made and their qualities.  We will learn about fossils and explore the properties of soil. 

Our second topic is plants in which we will consider the best conditions for growth, explore flowering plants and use experiments to find out more about plants.



For the second term, we will be focusing on looking at how The Roman Empire impacted on Britain. The children will be researching differences in themes such as inventions, art, clothes and food.



Our RE work continues to use the Chester Diocese planning.  These plans are built around 11 key Christian concepts and will be revisited and explored in different ways each year. 


In the Spring Term we will look at some aspects of Kingdom of God, elements of Islam then Forgiveness, Salvation and Resurrection as the themes of Easter.  This learning aims to build on the children’s knowledge and understanding from last year and encourage them to develop ideas about what faith means to them and others.


Our collective worship and classroom reflective area will also encourage the children to reflect on the Christian values and their learning in RE.



Our games sessions will focus on invasion games skills.  This will include passing and catching skills as well as showing awareness of space.  The children will play some small games to apply these skills and develop an understanding of how they are used in various sports.


Athletics skills including developing running, jumping and throwing techniques will also be taught. 


Our learning in dance will link to the topic this term: Romans.  This will give us a focus to create movements individually, in pairs and small groups.  We will learn to perform in unison and in cannon and develop an understanding of expression through movement and non-verbal communication.


Art & Design and DT

In our DT work we will develop our construction skills and explore strengthening techniques when  working with paper as well as using a range of tools to create a healthy snack.


Our art work will include colour mixing to produce tints, shades and tones.  We will aim to use opportunities to link our work with our observations of plants.



We will explore a range of ideas about awareness of money and democracy.  We will explore these topics through stories and games and discuss some ideas through P4c sessions.



Each child will work on SPAG (spelling, grammar and punctuation) during regular sessions each week.  This will include learning and revising ideas about sentences and punctuation, word types and spelling patterns.  SPAG will cover the expectations of the National Curriculum relevant to the group.  As necessary some children will continue to access elements of the phonics programme.



Homework will be sent out on Thursday to be returned on or before the following Tuesday.  We expect each piece to take about 20 minutes.  Please come and see us if there are any difficulties or write a note on the piece of work.


English – Focusing on basic skills and new techniques used within our writing


Maths – practise of basic skills, practise of new learning or Mathletics (log-ins to follow).  Learning times tables and division facts. Year 3 – x3, x4, x8 by end of year, Year 4 – x6, x7, x9 by end of year


Some homework tasks may be related to our topic or science work or a subject of relevance during the year


Spelling – Linked to current focus


Reading – 5-10 minutes each night



Possible trips & visitors

History day

Roman Trip


Reaseheath College

Petty Pool Residential (details to follow)

RE visitor/trip

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