Our Curriculum


As a Church of England Primary School we ensure that the teaching of Christian Values is embedded throughout our curriculum and an integral part of our school day.

Personalising learning is a fundamental aspect of learning and teaching at Kingsley St John's.  We aspire for children to strive to do the best - reach their potential (Be the best that they can be) and approach their learning in a manner that is best for their unique selves.  

English, Maths, Science, RE, Sport and Computing are taught discretely as individual subjects, although research projects link into these where possible.  In order to achieve a rich, broad and balanced curriculum the other curriculum areas are taught through objectives linked to research projects.  

Throughout the school year, there will be whole-school themed skill weeks with a focus on developing key skills in an identified curriculum area, or specific curriculum days.

All curriculum areas are taught with enthusiasm and vigour.  Children's own learning experiences are interwoven into the planning to foster a love of learning in all opportunities.  Children need to discover their own light (talents and skills) and nurture them, embrace them, celebrate and share them.

We believe in executing the highest standards in all areas of development for our pupils.  This is why a significant aspect of our value for money outcomes are used to ensure the highest standards of teaching and learning.

The children at Kinglsey St John's receive a full and balanced curriculum.

French - Madame Carter visits years 2 - 6 each week (KS2 only during Covid times) to deliver high quality french lessons.  We find that our pupils transfer to secondary with a secure foundation of learning in French.

Music - School offers first access music lessons for years 5-6.  There is a clear and progressive plan of music skills.

PE - The highest quality PE is delivered through our partnership with the Frodsham and Villages School Partnership and our commitment to PE and Sport through the School Sport Coordinator Programme.  We have also teamed up with Youth Kicks to offer a consistent and high quality after school sport club throughout the year.

The Arts - Our curriculum has been deepened in recent years as a result of a passionate, knowldegeable and dedicated subject leader.  The curriculum is also supported by welcoming key artists throughout the year to offer unique and new opportunities for our pupils.  In recent years our pupils have worked alongside :-

Anthony Lysycia - Stone Carving

Julia Allison - Textile Project

Stephen Waterhouse - Multi-cultural outdoor art project

Sarag Gallagher-Hayes - Willow weaving

Jane Dixon - Ceramics

Chris Gilbert - The Art n Soul Man

Our curriculum is well thought through, meets our school context and embraces our location in Cheshire, Britain, Europe and the world.



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