Class of 2020

Class: Class 4 (Falcons) Year: 2019 - 2020

Farewell to our wonderful Year 6 of 2020.

I am sorry that your year was disrupted, that we didn't get to spend as much time together as was possible.  I am sorry that you are moving on without being able to physically visit your high school.  But if this had to happen to any year group, you are the group that would and could cope best with it.


We, at school, are so incredibly proud of each of you, for your maturity, development, achievements, care, enthusiasm and respect for others.  You are one of the most accepting and welcoming groups of children we have ever had.  Each of you always see the best, and the positive in each other.

Isaac - intelligent, interesting and incredibly thoughtful.

Olly - energentic, considerate and a beautiful singer

Ben H - loving, thoughtful and encouraging

Will - creative, funny and very very positive

Lexi - energetic, delicate and caring

Eva K - bouncy, friendly and positive

Eva T -  confident, modest and so enthusiastic to learn


You are each unique. 

You are each valued.

You are each loved.


Thank you for all you have given to our school in your time here.  We hope you take what we have given with you throughout your lives.

God's Blessings