SEND support

At KSJ our curriculum is based upon personalising learning for all individuals.

A selection of our interventions and types of supports

Sentence development work

phonics grouping and booster

write from the start

Sandwell Maths

Sensory circuits

Sensory processing support

writing slopes

Sit and move cushions

visual timetables

Speech and language programmes


feeding programmes

fiddle toys

Oasis club

transition support programmes

Rapid reading

Phonological Awareness

Word Wasp

Toe by Toe

Oasis Club

Hand strengthening

Inference and Understanding

Colour overlays and pale colour paper

What if I have concerns about the SEND Provision?

If at any stage as a parent/carer you are unhappy with the provision that we are making for your child you should:

In the first instance approach the class teacher.
If this doesn’t resolve the complaint then a parent should speak to the SENDCO.

If still unhappy with the provision, then a parent should then speak to the Head teacher who will discuss and advise the next steps.

Should a complaint be made as a school we have a complaints policy, which can be obtained through the Admin Office.

A parent may wish to seek advice at this time from the Parent Partnership Service. However if a parent/carer disagrees with the contents of an Education, Health and Care Plan or a decision not to issue one, disagreement resolution and mediation services are available.

As a last resort, an appeal can be made to the

First-tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability) against decisions made by Local Education Authorities in England. 

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