SEND support

At KSJ our curriculum is based upon personalising learning for all individuals. A full list o of our interventions and types of supports can be found in the SEND information report and SEND policy

What if I have concerns about the SEND Provision?

If at any stage as a parent/carer you are unhappy with the provision that we are making for your child you should:

In the first instance approach the class teacher.
If this doesn’t resolve the complaint then a parent should speak to the SENDCO.

If still unhappy with the provision, then a parent should then speak to the Head teacher who will discuss and advise the next steps.

Should a complaint be made as a school we have a complaints policy, which can be obtained through the Admin Office.

A parent may wish to seek advice at this time from IASS ( Parent Partnership Service). However if a parent/carer disagrees with the contents of an Education, Health and Care Plan or a decision not to issue one, disagreement resolution and mediation services are available.

As a last resort, an appeal can be made to the

First-tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability) against decisions made by Local Education Authorities in England. 

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