RE Curriculum


In voluntary aided schools, the governing body controls the religious education and this must be according to the rites, practices and principles of the Church in England. The Diocese of Chester provide guidelines to support this and support is available from our RE Adviser and School Consultants.

The scheme of work contains:

  1.  A long term overview to showing the concepts to be studied. Schools may choose to study the concepts in any order and adapt the material.

    The concepts that are linked to the cycle of the Church’s Year are Incarnation, Salvation, Resurrection and Holy Spirit.

    Schools with mixed age classes can adapt the plans to suit their requirements.

    The overview also shows links to PowerPoint resources which are found on the Schools website for Family of Schools members.

    Links are also given to the national Understanding Christianity Project.
  2. Individual concept grids for each concept which include enquiry questions and essential knowledge. These are designed for use from Reception to Year 6.
  3. Medium term planning samples for all concepts. Each medium term plan indicates which term and concept it is designed for.

NB Some medium term plans have not been written in order for teachers to use their own resources and hopefully fully use and integrate the new ‘Understanding Christianity’ resources. These plans are highlighted on the long term overview.

Files to Download