Coronavirus home learning

On this page you will find the home learning packs which are being sent home and useful links for each year group and class. Please download these to complete at home if you have not received paper copies from school. Every child has been given their student log in details to access the school website learning environment which may have additional learning tasks. This may have been emailed to parents and carers. You can find the log in boxes in the top right hand corner of the main page of the school website.


Suggested Timetable-for more detail see files section


Before 9am

9:00 -10:00

10:00- 11:00







Eat breakfast, make your bed, get washed and dressed.

Family walk with the dog (if you have one!)

Indoor exercise

Cosmic yoga/supermovers-see website list

Healthy snack time


Hit the button

TT Rock Stars

Topmarks games- all on website list

Maths work from files section on webpage

Number formation and counting games-Twinkl

Creative time- 30 day Lego challenge

Class VLE projects

Baking,crafting,cooking,coding (computing ideas on website list)

Lunchtime 12:00-12:30

Tidy Time- help  mum/dad- wipe down kitchen table and chairs,wash dishes, tidy bedroom and play area

Quiet time- Reading,puzzles (no electronics)

Literacy company spelling/writing tasks

English work from files section on webpage

SATs papers

Phonics play

Letter and formation and handwriting






Home learning activity packs- all classes


KS1- Year 2 past papers

KS2- Year 6 past papers



Websites and apps for all (some registration may be required)

Teach your monster to read

Mr T does Phonics

Super movers



Phonics play

Maths with parents


Numberfun maths songs for all ages

First 4 maths

My Mini-maths

TT rockstars

Inclusive teach


Social story Coronavirus

Cosmic yoga

Maths 4 kids- youtube

White Rose Maths home learning lessons


Computing ideas


Files to Download

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